12K and Dinner!

Today's Running Map

It was pouring rain this evening but I still slipped on my New Balance running shoes, threw on my bright orange running jacket, and headed on out to the streets of Toronto for an evening run. Initially, I was only planning on completing a 10K run, but I was feeling pretty good at the 10K mark and decided to push through another 2K before heading back home. The long run allowed me to digest some fundraising ideas that were presented to me today at the office. It’s time to start planning! But who can plan on an empty stomach?

On the menu this evening, I cooked a tasty beef tenderloin alouette…well two of them….stuffed with spinach and swiss cheese. Add some potatoes and we’re all set! I know I should have added another veggie to the plate, but once that beef came out of the oven I wanted to devour it immediately. Delicious!

beef alouette
As of today’s date, I’ve raised $856 towards my $5,500 goal! Slowly but surely we’ll get to the top! If you want to add your name to the grow list of supporters, please consider making a donation today. We have to keep the momentum going! The $5,500 deadline is in three short months!!!

Also, I’m still searching for corporate sponsors…so if you know anyone who wants to sponsor the climb, please have them get in touch with me.

Many thanks,


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