Week 3 Recap: 1/2 Marathon, Smoothies, and Up Next!

More smoothies, more races, and more fun!

Sheridan NurseriesC'est What LogoFundraising & Sponsorship

As of this evening, I’ve raised $1,521 towards my goal of $5,500 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I’m planning on holding a bake sale and silent auction in June. Currently in search of any donations-in-kind for the silent auction. I’ve already received generous in-kind-donations from Sheridan Nurseries and C’est What. If you know anyone who would be willing to donate to the silent auction, please have them get in touch with me.

I’m currently working on a few sponsorship opportunities as well. Once I have finalized the details, I’ll be sure to provide an update! Very exciting stuff on the horizon!

GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

When I first started training for the 1/2 Marathon in early January I was sure I could beat my previous race time from the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 Marathon in October 2012 (time: 2:04:38). Heck – I was able to shave 5 minutes off the October race based on last years GoodLife Fitness 1/2 Marathon. Yet, a few weeks into training I suffered from a terrible bout of bronchitis. The coughing fits were extremely painful and the shortness of breath that followed was exhausting. I was forced to stop my race training for several weeks and even when I returned, the cough was still persistent. I truly believed there was no way I’d be ready in time for the 1/2 Marathon in May.

Today, I ran in the race and I am extremely proud to report not only did I finish it, but I beat my previous time and now have a new Personal Best!

Captured from my Garmin Forerunner, this is the map from today's run

Captured from my Garmin Forerunner, this is the map from today’s run

Today’s weather was very hot, reaching up to 22 degrees. Unfortunately, the course water stations were not prepared and many people ended up waiting longer than normal periods of time to grab a drink. Despite the water issues, I was feeling fantastic around the 12K mark. Heading into the 18K mark I noticed I was running in front of the 2hr pace bunnies and groups. Such a great feeling! During the final stretch around the 20K mark, I was feeling the burn and was getting tried, but still was able to find some extra fuel in the tank and pick up the pace for the remaining 1.1K. I knew if I could keep it up, I’d hit sub 2:00. I kept looking at the Garmin and noticed I had only a few minutes to make it before the 2hr mark. The final curve I read 1:58 and bolted as fast as I could. The cheers from the sidelines were deafening but provided that extra jolt of energy. Faster faster faster. One final push and there was the finish line! 1:59:25. I did it! Sub 2:00. I was floating on cloud nine.
Official Gun time: 2:01:31, Chip time 1:59:25.

The Toronto 1/2 Marathon will probably be the last official race that I run in until I return from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

An action shot from the 12K point

An action shot from the 12K point

1/2 Marathon COMPLETE!

1/2 Marathon COMPLETE!


This is what you'll need!

This is what you’ll need!

Before Blending

Before Blending

Finished product

Finished product

Jeff’s Awesome Smoothies
A great new smoothie recipe for those who want to try it out! I think this version is much more filling and contains less sugar than the other ones made with OJ. This is what you’ll need:

– 1 banana
– 2 cups of spinach
– grapes
– 1 cored pear
– uncooked oats
– a few pineapple and mango chunks
– a few strawberries
– a few peach slices
– water
Blend in your magic bullet and enjoy!

Up Next

Now that I’ll be focusing less on race training and more on climbing, I’ll be changing my weekly activities a bit to work different muscle groups and to increase endurance (like 1/2 marathon wasn’t good enough? haha!). This week I’ll start playing on the spring Dodgeball league (every Monday night), Volleyball league (every Tuesday night), head to the gym for weight training twice a week, and somehow fit in a 10K run and more walking! It’s going to be a very very busy spring/summer.

This past week I completed the following:

April 29 – May 5
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Leg muscle strengthening exercises
Wednesday: 9K run (56mins), Leg muscle strengthening exercises
Thursday: 3hr walk around the city
Friday: rest
Saturday: 3hr walk around the city
Sunday: 21.1K race (1hr. 59mins) (map above)

Until next time, enjoy the amazing weather we’re having out there!


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