Week 4 Recap: Fundraising, Packages, and Mother’s Day

Fundraising & SponsorshipDonations

The past week has been extremely successful! A HUGE thank you goes out to the 42 generous friends and family who have made a donation to help support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! So far we’ve raised $2,251 for the foundation!

I also received the official ‘ok’ to proceed with holding a silent auction & bake sale at my office building this summer. Holding the event at the office building will provide access to thousands of potential donors, supporters, and people to help spread the word about the fundraising efforts for the climb. As soon as the building management can confirm the permitted date (I’m hoping for the second week of July), I’ll make an official announcement. In the meantime, I’ve been busy preparing packages to hand deliver to local businesses requesting donations-in-kind (such as gift certificates or product donations) for the silent auction. If you are a business owner and would like to make a donation, please contact me!

Mother’s Day

The majority of us will call or visit mom to remind her how important she is in our lives, to show appreciation, and to celebrate motherhood in general. We remember the mothers that have been lost to breast cancer. We celebrate our survivors. And we reconnect to our shared vision a future without breast cancer. This Mother’s Day I hope you’ve reached out to your Mom and told her that you love her and made her day special in your own special way.

To celebrate how awesome my Mom is, to thank her for everything she has done, and to show her how much she is loved, I’m going to take her on a trip. This will be her first time outside of North America…and her first time flying. It’ll be an exciting trip for her where she’ll be able put up her feet, enjoy the sites, be pampered, and relax!

Up Next

Following the extremely busy schedule last week, I experienced a minor setback with my training this week due to a minor muscle injury. I wasn’t able to do much cardio this week (no running), but should be able to start up again later this week (as long as the muscle injury is healing). This week I plan on focusing on my leg muscle strengthening exercises, weight training at the gym, and some minor cardio. I also have Dodgeball and Volleyball to look forward to!

This past week I completed the following:

May 6 – 12
Monday: rest
Tuesday: Volleyball (2hrs)
Wednesday: Leg muscle strengthening exercises
Thursday: rest
Friday: Leg muscle strengthening exercises
Saturday: 3hr walk around the city
Sunday: rest

Later this week I’ll post an in-depth look at what the climbing itinerary looks like – as a lot of people are curious how long it will take me to reach to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. (Hint: many many many hours over a period of 7 days)….

Love Your Mom!


3 thoughts on “Week 4 Recap: Fundraising, Packages, and Mother’s Day

    • I’ll be trekking up the Lemosho Route and they have us scheduled to arrive at the top in 6-7 days…
      Based on what I’ve read via your blog, it’ll take you 5-6 days to reach the top (I’m looking forward to your next blog release!). I’m hoping the extra day or so with my group will help better prepare me for the altitude. 🙂

      By the way – How did you charge your camera during your climb? Solar panel charger? Or did you bring extra batteries?

      • Yeah, I think the Lemosho Route is one day extra from the Machame Route, although the paths do merge by the time you get to the Barranco Valley. If I’m right, I think you camp at Karanga Valley Campsite and then go on to Barafu Huts a day later, whereas we did it in one long day. It was fine, but your extra day will definitely help you to acclimatise and you’ll probably be a bit more refreshed for the summit climb than I was (the details of that joy are coming up soon… 😉 ). KVC was pretty miserable when we there – very cold and windy, but the guides assured us that on a clear, sunny day, the views were stunning, so I hope you have more luck on that front than we did!

        I did think of taking a solar panel for my camera, but in the end I just opted for extra batteries to save a bit of space in my bag and although we had plenty of sunshine, mountains being mountains, the weather is so unpredictable that you could end up with days of rain or cloud. I took six to be extra, extra cautious, but I only used 4, if that helps? 🙂

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