Week 9 Recap: Overwhelming Support and the Pink Tour

The Pink Tour


This year alone, it is estimated that 23,800 women and 200 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  If you haven’t already checked out the Canadian Breast Cancer Pink Tour in Ontario, I recommend you visit their site to find out when the Pink Tour will be in your area. “Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is setting out on the road this summer on Pink Tour 2013, empowering women to improve their breast health and make informed choices about screening as part of a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to let women know that one third of breast cancers are preventable and that regular screening save lives.”

Being aware of symptoms and changes in your health can help save lives. If you get the chance, check out the Pink Tour, or at least visit the CBCF website to learn how to reduce the risks of developing breast cancer.

Overwhelming Support

This week has been the most successful week to-date with a massive amount of support, encouragement, and general engagement from all sides of the spectrum! It truly is hard to believe I am this fortunate to have so many people behind me on this charity challenge. It is positively overwhelming. 🙂 As of this evening, I’ve raised $3,466 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

No only did 12 awesome and generous folks donate a total of $660 to the Foundation during the last 5 days, but I received an amazing in-kind-donation from Prairie Girl Bakery and Hockley Valley Resort for the bake sale and raffle fundraiser next month. Also, Canada Goose agreed to be a sponsor by offering a jacket for my summit climb. PGBLogo

Prairie Girl Bakery has agreed to donate ten dozen mini cupcakes to sell at the bake sale and an exclusive and limited edition prize package (not available for sale) bakers package for the raffle. Value of the donation is over $280. While, Hockley Valley Resort has donated a certificate for a one night stay with breakfast at their elegant resort located 45mins north of the GTA. Retail value for the package is over $350.hockley-valley-resort-ontario-logo

Details for the raffle and bake sale fundraiser will be announced in the coming weeks…but I am hoping to have the event sometime during the week of July 8th. As soon as the date is confirmed, I’ll make an official announcement.

As I’ve mentioned in a few blog posts, I will be responsible for covering my own costs for the climb (climbing fees, airfare, equipment, vaccines, etc.) unless I can find corporate sponsors. Thankfully, Canada Goose has offered to help by providing a jacket for my trek to the Canada Goose Logotop of Mount Kilimanjaro. The temperature at the top of the mountain drops to a bone chilling -25C. Being able to stay warm on the exhausting last day to the top is extremely important. Instead of wasting energy on shivering from the extreme cold temperatures, I can focus my energy on climbing to the top. Not having to worry to purchase more equipment helps strike one more item off my things to do list. Plus, it makes me proud to know I have a wonderful Canadian company with me every step of the way. In a few weeks I’ll provide some more details around the Canada Goose brand and some facts about the jacket they’ll be providing.

In addition to the cash donations to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the in-kind-donations for the fundraiser, I am extremely grateful for the colleagues I work with at CIBC. This past week, an internal announcement was made throughout my department (reaching hundreds of employees) about my climb. Another group from the bank also mentioned they wanted to help with the fundraising efforts which is just fantastic! The amount of support and words of encouragement from everyone has been inspiring and a definite motivator! Thank you everyone! 🙂

Up Next

This coming week I’ll be focusing on cardio and elevation altitude breathing. Trying to locate a venue for a possible concert fundraiser starring a well known UK musical theatre performer is also on my list. If you know of anyone who has connections with a local theatre or venue in the GTA, please let me know. I think the concert is the best way to not only raise the most awareness with an engaged audience, but also help with the fundraising.

This past week I completed the following:

June 10-16 
Monday: Leg muscle strengthening exercises
Tuesday: Ran 5K and then played Beach Volleyball (~3hrs)
Wednesday: Altitude mask breathing (15mins)
Thursday: Rn 10K (1hr)
Friday: rest
Saturday: Altitude mask breathing (15mins)
Sunday: Run 10K (1hr)

All the best,


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