Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – Week 14 Recap: Training, Salomon Boots, and Winners List

Kilimanjaro Climb Training

Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

I have 10 weeks before I depart for Tanzania and need to ensure I’m in the best shape possible to get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! I’m not going to lie – trying to fit in all of these workouts is tough. It really does take up the majority of my time outside of the work day. Immediately after work, I head to the gym for 2-3 hours to build cardio and muscle strength for the climb…and the moment I get home, I eat dinner and shortly after that, I’m in bed!

Training for the climb is very important; climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro isn’t just a walk through the park. In my Week 5 Blog I outlined the route I’ll be taking to the top of Kilimanjaro and what the daily activities would consist of. In short, I’ll be climbing 7-10hrs per day for 10 days straight, with the final summit day consisting of an exhausting 16hrs in extreme temperatures (-10 to -25 Degrees Celsius): 8hrs to the top, and after a quick celebration on the top of the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, we head back down for another 8hrs before we can rest at the camp site. After a restful night sleep, we climb back down the mountain!

Cardio and weight training are all part of my plan to help me get to the top. I’ll also be doing as much as I can to train for higher altitudes by using my Elevation Training Mask. This mask simulates higher altitudes up to 18,000 be restricting the amount of airflow coming into the mask. I’ve been wearing it around the house to get used to it before using it during my cardio runs or workouts at the gym. You can read about my Week 8 experience with the mask at the highest altitude setting here.

This past week my training included the following:

July 15 – 21
Monday: Leg Strengthening exercises  (1hr) + Beach Dodgeball (1hr)
Tuesday: Shoulder & core strengthening exercises (2hrs)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 10K run (1hr) + Arm strengthening exercises (2hrs)
Friday: Back & leg strengthening exercises (2hrs)
Saturday: 3K run (20min) + Trail hiking (2hrs)
Sunday: rest

Boots & Trail Hiking

Salomon Quest 4D Hiking BootsI finally had a chance to wear my pair of Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots for the first time yesterday in the outdoor elements while hiking through a few trails between Hamilton, Ancaster, and Dundas. Being able to use the boots on different terrain before the climb will help prepare for the 5 different eco systems I’ll be climbing through while in Tanzania.

I’ve been warned by many people to ensure I break in the boots and I was slightly worried about the number of blisters my feet would develop while hiking. I was pleasantly surprised after my hike Saturday that there were no blisters and I only have positive things to say about the Salomon boot and its craftsmanship.

They are extremely comfortable, durable, and provide excellent support for my ankles. Hiking through mud, water, rocky terrain, and having to climb over downed trees and different type of vegetation was a breeze. My feet stayed dry and secure. The boot grip was great and provide very good traction. I’m impressed, but knew I could count on an amazing product from Salomon as I own some of

(L to R) Diana, Crystal, Kaleigh, Jeff

(L to R) Diana, Crystal, Kaleigh, Jeff

their ski equipment – so I knew I’d be in good hands! 😉 Thanks Salomon!

As I mentioned above, it’s sometimes hard to make time for friends and family with my training schedule, so I invited some of very important people along with me on my hiking route this weekend. My sisters Kaleigh and Crystal, and her girlfriend Diana joined me on the journey. Next time we’ll bring along a few more family and friends for the hike!

Raffle Winners

As promised in last week’s blog post, I would announce the winners from the fundraising raffle. Now that all winners have been contracted I can list the official winner’s list here. Thank you once again for everyone who donated and participated! Below are two more winner photos!

As of today’s date I have raised $6,629 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Up Next

Early in the week I’ll be meeting with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Charity Challenge (the host of the climb) to go over the climb details and to ensure I’m prepared for everything pertaining to the challenge occurring in 10 weeks! My climb training will continue throughout the week!


Christina Phillips - Two time winner: 1) Biff's Dinning Certificate and 2) Shopsey's Catering Certificate

Christina Phillips – Two time winner: 1) Biff’s Dinning Certificate and 2) Shopsey’s Catering Certificate

Melissa Robertson - Winner of the Shangri-la Toronto Hotel Miraj Hammam Spa By Caudalie Paris Certificate

Melissa Robertson – Winner of the Shangri-la Toronto Hotel Miraj Hammam Spa By Caudalie Paris Certificate


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