Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – Week 16: RFTC, Training, and Packs

Run for the Cure

For the last 5 years I have participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure 5K run that raises funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. It is the largest RFTCsingle-day, volunteer-led event in Canada in support of the breast cancer cause. This event brings together tens of thousands of people in over 65 different communities across Canada. Participants have the option to run or walk in either the 1K or 5K event.

This year, the event takes place on Sunday October 6th. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate as I’ll be 1/2 way up Mt. Kilimanjaro when the event happens. However, on the 6th, wherever I may be on the mountain, I will throw my running shoes on and do a few laps around base camp to join in the fun! To make it even more special, how about you join-in with me by signing up for the CIBC Run for the Cure event in your community. Registration is very easy, and the best part is, you don’t even have to train to complete the run/walk! It’s a day of fun with thousands of other like-minded individuals trying to help raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. While you may not be able to join me on the mountain, I’d still very much like to have you join me in the run/walk event this October 6th!

Fundraising Update

As of today’s date, I’ve raised $6,744 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! If you haven’t already made a donation, please pledge your support by clicking here. Remember – The funds you donate go directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, which support breast cancer research, education, and diagnosis initiatives – not me.  I’ll be paying over $2,000 plus the cost of my flight and other expenses (i.e. climbing equipment) out of my own pocket to participate in this event.

Climb Training

Jeff's leg after the swelling

Jeff’s leg after the swelling

So, last week I posted about my sports injury and how it affected my climb training. I’ll give you a quick update today on my recovery process and how I’ve been compensating for the training aspect. Overall, I’m in good health, and my leg is on the road to recovery. I’m expecting to be able to start running again probably later this week. This is good news, because I only have 8 weeks to go before I fly to Tanzania! Time is ticking!

K-Tape to help with Bruising

K-Tape to help with Bruising

Aila applies the K-Tape

Aila applies the K-Tape

The hematoma swelling in my leg has reduced significantly, but still slightly present. The fun part of the injury is watching the bruising travel through my leg as the blood vessels heal. It was slightly uncomfortable last week so I dropped in to see my Kinesiologist – Aila – at  CBI Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre.   She assessed the injury and applied some kinesio tape to the area to help speed the healing process and reduce the swelling and bruising. Since the tape has been applied, the pain in my leg and the bruising and swelling near my ankle has disappeared. I’m also noticing signs of reduced bruising in other areas of the leg – which is great.

This past week I focused my training on upper body weight training and reduced impact cardio.

July 29 – August 4
Monday: Arm strengthening exercises (1.5hr)
Tuesday: Cardio on the elliptical (30mins) and Chest Strengthening Exercises (1.5hr)
Wednesday: altitude mask breathing 9K ft @home (30mins)
Thursday: Arm strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Friday: Back & core strengthening exercises (2hrs)
Saturday: City walking (4hrs), altitude mask breathing 9K ft @home (30mins)
Sunday: Cardio on the elliptical (1hr 20mins) and Shoulder Strengthening Exercises (1.5hr)


Gregory 40L PackOver the weekend I purchased a Gregory 40L daypack which I will wear to help carry some of my items to the top of the mountain. I’m going to test it out next weekend on a hike to see how it handles heavy loads and how my shoulders and waist feel after the hike. If it’s a nice fit, I’ll keep it. There were many different packs to pick from ranging in sizes and prices – and I picked one from the middle range ($175+tx). The pack is waterproof, rugged, lightweight, and seems to have really good back support. Once I’ve tested this one out, I’ll need to head back to MEC to purchase a larger pack (60L) for the Sherpa’s to carry.

There are bunch of other items on my list to purchase…next week I’ll list everything out…and if any of my readers have anything I could borrow – please let me know! I’d be happy to bake you a batch of my awesome peanut butter cookies in exchange 😉

Wishing you a great week,


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