Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – Week 17: Equipment, Costs, & Training


With only 7 weeks to go before the I fly to Africa, I need to ensure I have all of my climbing/camping equipment ready and tested! Time is ticking and I know the next few weeks will fly by as I prepare for one of the biggest adventures of my life!

The climb challenge operator, Charity Challenge, will be with me every step of the way to top of Mount Kilimanjaro. They have helped hundreds of other climbers during the last 12 years make it to the top (with a 96% success rate!). From what I understand, I’ll be climbing with about 25 other people from around the world (they too are raising money for their favourite charities). In addition to the climbers, we have over 50 staff members including the leader guide, a doctor, cooks, and Sherpas for each climber. In total, there will be over 80 of us in the group. It’s very exciting!

Charity Challenge provided a list of equipment they recommend I purchase for the climb. Thankfully, they’ll be providing the tents so that’s one item I wont need to bring with me! However, I will need the following major equipment pieces:

– Waterproof daypack (40L)
– Large Waterproof kit pack (110L) (Sherpa’s will carry this one)
– 4 Season Sleeping Bag (at least -10C) and Sleeping Mat
– Walking Poles
– Flash Light with extra batteries (headlamp is best)
– Camel Pack Hydration system
– Clothing for all ecosystems – for rainforest trekking up to extremely cold (-25C) summit trekking
– Water purification tablets
– plus dozens of more smaller items. The full list can be read here.

I’ve already purchased my daypack and will be looking at purchasing all of the other items over the next few weeks. If any of my readers have something I could borrow, please let me know! It would be very helpful and reduce my out of pocket expenses 🙂


Speaking about expenses, some people have been asking me if I’ve been raising money for my trip or for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The funds I’ve raised (as of today: $6,774) have been donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I will be paying for all of my own expenses and equipment. Below I’ve outlined my current costs associated with the climb.

– Flight: $1,055 (plus I redeemed 8,000 AirMiles to save me an extra ~$1,800)
– Climb Fee: $2,075
Vaccines & Medicine: ~$600
– Travel Insurance: $315
– Tanzania Entry Visa: $80-120
– Climb Support Tips (for Sherpas and cooks): $150-175
– Equipment: ~$400-600
– Unknowns: $100-200
Approximate Total Out of Pocket Expense: $5,000


If you’ve been following the blog, you’re aware I had a bit of a hiccup in my training during the last few weeks due to a leg injury. Last week I blogged about the injury and how I had visited my kinesiologist to help reduce the swelling and bruising. I’m happy to report, the taping worked and the swelling has reduced by another 10% and the bruising and pain has reduced as well. Since I noticed the tape working, I decided to try my luck and go for a few runs during the week. So far so good! The tape has been removed and I think we’re finally getting close to the end of the recovery period. I should be back to normal in about 2 weeks once the final bit of bruising and swelling has gone away.

I’ve also reintroduced the elevation altitude mask into my cardio workouts. While it may look silly while I’m in the gym running with it on, I can definitely feel the difference immediately after the workout and I’ve noticed I’ve been able to build my lung capacity stamina in a few short days.

This week I completed the following:

August 5 – 11
Monday: City Walking (4hrs), Arm & Leg strengthening exercises (1.5hr)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 5K run (30mins) & Arm strengthening exercises (1hr)
Thursday: 5.5K run with altitude mask breathing @9K ft (30mins) and Back & Core strengthening exercises (1.5hr)
Friday: Arm strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7K run with altitude mask breathing @9K ft (40mins) and Shoulder & Arm strengthening exercises (1hr)

Unfortunately this weekend I didn’t have a chance to get out to the hiking trails, but this upcoming Saturday I will be on them bright and early! Until then, I’ll be at the gym 5 times this week…and doing some online shopping for some equipment pieces!



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