Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – Week 21: Breast Cancer, Salomon, Training, Save the Date

Breast Cancer

I want to remind everyone how important it is to make a donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast Cancer will affect 1 in 9 women in Canada. Over 23,800 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. Men can also develop breast cancer – we are not immune. This year alone over 200 men will be diagnosed with the disease. Unfortunately, I was made aware this past week by a colleague that someone very close to him was diagnosed with breast cancer…and he was male.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation uses donated funds to create and support breast cancer research, education, community health programs and diagnosis initiatives. Please take a moment to view this one minute video.

If you haven’t already made a donation, please do so now by clicking here.



In my blog post from May 15, I outlined the vaccines I required to get and mentioned Salomon Canada was proud supporter of my climb and donated a pair of hiking boots and a waterproof windbreaker shell. The  Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boothave been fantastic foundation to my climb. I’ve provided a few reviews for the boots over the last few weeks and continue to praise the product! This weekend I had to complete another back to back hike, but was met with thunder showers on Saturday.

Wet Jeff

Jeff wearing the Salomon Waterproof Shell in the rain

Thankfully, I had the lightweight Salomon Tournette Shell – which was completely waterproof and kept me totally dry the entire day. The cool thing about this shell jacket was that it was 100% breathable, so I didn’t feel hot and sticky on the inside; my temperature never got out of hand. There were 2 features of the jacket I really liked: 1) the built in hood with a mini visor which helped keep the rain out of my face and 2) the underarm venting system which allowed me to unzip a zipper underneath the armpit area to allow more air to flow through to keep my temperature inside the jacket ‘just right’. I was extremely impressed with the way the water just flicked off the jacket and never pierced through the jacket. I stayed dry all day.

If you needed a jacket for hiking or cycling, I’d recommend this one for sure. It’ll be a great addition to your gear.  When the skies clear, you can fold it up and stuff it in your pocket (it weights about 10 oz.). I would not recommend it for use in extreme temperatures (i.e. not good in very cold climates as there isn’t a lining or way to keep you warm) .

On a completely different, but related note, this past Friday I received my final vaccines for the trip to Tanzania. I now have my Yellow Fever shot complete, my final Hep A and Help B shots, and will be prepared for any Cholera outbreaks.



This was a very busy week…and I don’t see any down time until the last week of September – where I’ll be decreasing my training regimen to focus more on rest and mental preparation for the climb to the top of Kilimanjaro. With only 3 weeks to go, I need to make sure I am healthy, well rested, and ready to give this mountain my all!

Rocks & Jeff

Jeff surveys the climb down

Cardio and weight training have been part of my weekly routine. However, as mentioned above, I completed another back to back hiking weekend. My shoulders and neck do hurt from the heavy backpack, and I plan on getting a massage this week to help manage the pain. Saturday I completed the hike alone in the rain and had a very peaceful and tranquil trek for about 5.5hrs and covered about 20-25K. I tend to walk quickly and suspect my walking pace on the mountain will be much more slower than I’ve been practicing.

Sunday I was happy to have Jade join me again for a nice long 6hr hike. Having a hiking buddy does help pass the time and definitely makes it more enjoyable. 🙂 We decided to do a few more different back trails with steeper terrain which was fun…and along the way had a bit of an adventure! (Photo Credits: Jade)
Note – We will get a photo of Jade & I for next week’s blog!

Last week I completed the following:
September 2 – 8
Monday: Outdoor hike (4hrs) and 6K run (35mins)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Back & Chest strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Thursday: rest
Friday: Cardio – Stair climbing with Elevation Mask set at 10K ft (45mins) and Arm strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Saturday: Outdoor hike (5.5hrs)
Sunday: Outdoor hike (6hrs)

Side happy note: During our hike today Jade spotted a wiggly worm on the ground and I mentioned it looked like Slimey the Worm from Sesame Street because the way he was moving across the ground. I picked up him (using a stick) and wanted to get a closer look at him only to realize he was smiling at me! Jade pulled out her camera and took a few shots of the real Smiley the Worm! 🙂

Smiley 3 Smiley 2 Smiley 1












Date: Tuesday September 17th
Time: Lunch Hour
Location: 199 Bay Street – CIBC Commerce Court – Outdoor Courtyard
What: Celebration of ‘Think Pink’ week in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and a Special Announcement made by myself at a very special event…. more details to come 🙂
That’s it for now folks! Thanks and come back next week!


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