Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb – Week 22: Training, Fundraising, Special Event

As we get closer and closer to the departure date, I find I have less amount of time to complete the things I need to do…like write these blogs! So please allow me to apologize in advance for this delayed blog! On that note, I’ll be keeping this blog short as I still need to prep for the special event happening tomorrow morning! Ack! Where has the time gone?!?!


Photo Credit: Lara Wheeler

Jeff with his gear
Photo Credit: Lara Wheeler

The past week I’ve had a very busy training week, as it was my last ‘hard push’ before the big climb. During the next 2 weeks before the climb, I’ll be tapering my training schedule to give my body time to adjust, rest, and prepare for the hard climb in October. This will also help ensure I don’t ‘overdo it’ and make myself sick but running myself down. I need to be 100% when I fly to Tanzania.

In addition to the weight training and cardio training at the gym during the week, I completed two more back to back hikes over the weekend. I’d like to thank my best friend Alvaro for coming along on Saturday and another really good friend of mine, Jade for keeping me company on the longest hike Sunday. Having your friends come along on the hikes make it so much more enjoyable, help pass the time, and get your mind off the heavy pack resting on your shoulders/back. When I’m on Kilimanjaro climb, I know I’ll be longing for their silly banter, philosophical discussions, and their high spirits. Perhaps I should take their photo along with me? haha!

Last week I completed the following:
September 9 – 15
Monday: Shoulder strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Leg & Arm strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Thursday: 10K Cardio Run (1hr)
Friday: Cardio – Stair climbing  (1hr) and Chest strengthening exercises (1.5hrs)
Saturday: Outdoor hike (6.5hrs)
Sunday: Outdoor hike (7.5hrs)

Fundraising Update

Jeff prepares for a run Photo Credit: Lara Wheeler

Jeff prepares for a run
Photo Credit: Lara Wheeler

As of today’s date, I’ve raised $7,099 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! If you haven’t already made a donation, please pledge your support by clicking here. Remember – The funds you donate go directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, which support breast cancer research, education, and diagnosis initiatives – not me.  I’ll be paying out of my own pocket to participate in this climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (including flight, climb costs & equipment).

Special Event

Date: Tuesday September 17th
Time: 11:30am – 1pm
Location: 199 Bay Street – CIBC Commerce Court – Outdoor Courtyard
What: Celebration of ‘Think Pink’ week in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and a Special Announcement made by myself at a very special event…. I hope to see you there!  :)

That’s it for now folks – it’s time for bed!


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