Week 1 Recap: The First Steps – The Team & The Flight

Kilimanjaro Climb Team

We currently have 15 participants: 11 females and 4 males! Majority of our participants reside in the Toronto area, although we do have a climber out in British Columbia and one out in Australia!

Last week we held our very first Climb Team meet & greet!  Everyone from the Toronto area attended in person, while we had our teammates from B.C. and Australia call in. During this meeting, I provided a holistic overview of the climb, what to expect, how to prepare, equipment requirements, training requirements, and of course fundraising for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

The excitement from everyone during the event was amazing and infectious! The team is pumped and ready to go! I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone individually over the next 7 months. It’s going to be great!

In addition to the monthly team meetings we’ll be holding, I’ll be scheduling some team training sessions and fundraising events during the next 7 months to help ensure we all reach our fundraising goals and are ready for Kilimanjaro’s summit this October!


Flight to Africa

Now that we’ve taken the first steps by registering for the climb, started our fundraising, and have begun our training, we need to somehow get to Africa!

All climbers are paying their expenses out of pocket, including the cost of the flight! Unfortunately, airlines don’t offer group discounts. Instead, they raise the prices for groups because they want to offer ‘additional services’ to cater to those who may need to modify flight times/dates. While I can see this can be useful for some groups, it’s not useful for ours. So we all must look for the best rates or special deals to secure the most cost effective way to get to Tanzania.

Two years ago when I booked my flight to Tanzania, the cost of the flight was around $2,800. In order to reduce my expenses out of pocket, I ended up using 8,000 AirMiles points (which took me 2 years to earn) and paid $1,055 in taxes.

This year, the flight costs have decreased slightly. The return flight is priced at $2,068. I had the option of cashing out 7,400 AirMiles (once again, taking me about 1.5 years to accumulate) and paying $1,020 in taxes, or just paying for the flight outright. I decided to save the AirMiles this time and just pay for the flight outright. Let’s hope I made the right choice!


I’ve been training for the last few weeks but this will be the first time that I outline my training schedule in the blog for this climb. This was also the first week I tried a yoga class. I really enjoyed the class and may incorporate yoga into my weekly routine going forward. I can really see/feel the benefits for strength training!

In addition to the my average daily walks of about 7K, this week I completed the following:

March 16 – 22
Monday: Shoulder & Leg weight training (1hr)
Tuesday: 7K run (40mins)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Chest & Leg weight training (1hr) + Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga classes (2hrs)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Arms & Abs strengthening exercises (1hr)

This coming week I’ll need to add more runs and or start my hiking!

Raised $2,725 towards my $5,500 requirement

Raised $2,725 towards my $5,500 requirement


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