Week 3 Recap: Climb Team & Inspiration

Our Climb Team

Last month, our team came together for the first time. I remember the first few minutes of the meeting as the members of our team entered the room…they were quiet, anxious, nervous, with a hint of contained excitement waiting to break through in full force!

The round table introduction was inspirational. Everyone had their own reason to join the team, was affected by breast cancer in some way, was looking for some adventure while wanting to create a future without breast cancer.

We had originally started off with 11 women (2 breast cancer survivors), and 5 men: a mixture of CIBC employees and their friends and family members. Ages ranged from the early 20’s to 50’s – all from different backgrounds. A great diverse group!

A sunrise from my 2013 climb

A sunrise from my 2013 climb

As I walked through my presentation, the excitement grew amongst the team as we discovered more about the climb, how to prepare/train, equipment needed, the fundraising requirements, and of course a thorough Q&A session. By the end of the night, most of the anxiety in the room subsided (until they remember they still needed to climb – haha!), but the inspiration grew. We all fed off of each other. Everyone was there for the same reason!

Within a few days, most team members started their fundraising campaigns (asking friends, family, colleagues to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation) and as a team we had raised over $8K!

Since our first meet and greet, we unfortunately had 1 male participant bow out of the challenge due to scheduling conflicts. However, it is with great pleasure that I can announce we have since gained a new male participant and he’s very excited to have joined the team! (BTW – if you’re interested in joining, we still have space! Contact me!)

Over the next few months I’ll perhaps introduce you (my readers) to the team by providing a mini bio/introduction to each member. My plan is to have group training/hiking sessions over the next few months so it’ll be a great opportunity to get to know everyone on a more personal level and build that camaraderie between everyone. 🙂



Inspiration is all around us. It comes different forms such as art, music, nature, friends & family. Just let yourself open up to the unending possibilities.

In order to keep this climb fresh and new, I need to be inspired, and I can already tell, the team I’ll be climbing with will provide a great dose of inspiration! Seeing their facial expressions as we discuss the climb as a group excites me! It pumps me up and gets me ready for the next big challenge!

A good friend of mine recommend that I watch a film titled “K2: Sirens of the Himalayas”. It was a documentary following a bunch of veterans climbers attempting to climb one the most challenging mountains in the world: K2 (28,251 ft).

Some are now calling K2 the new “Everest” because it is arguably the hardest peak to climb. For example, in 2009 alone, there were over 800 climbers who had summited Mt. Everest, while less than 320 climbers have summited K2 in all of its history. While the film was very inspirational, I don’t think I’ll ever be climbing K2 any time soon (if at all!). Next on my bucket list would be Cotopaxi located in Ecuador. Until then, Kilimanjaro has my name written all over it!


In addition to the my average daily walks of about 7K, this week I completed the following:

March 30 – April 5
Monday: Arms & Core strengthening exercises (1hr) + 6.5K run (40mins)
Tuesday: Chest & Leg weight training (1hr)
Wednesday: Shoulder & Leg strengthening exercises (1hr)
Thursday: 6K run (37mins)
Friday: 10K hike
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest


So far, our team has raised over $18,600 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Of that total, I’ve been able to raise $3,180 and hope to hit my goal of $5,500 in the next 8 weeks! Are you ready to show your support? All donations will benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and any online donation will receive an immediate tax receipt!

Donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation


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