Week 4 Recap: Yoga & Thanks


Generally I hit the gym 4-5 times a week and focus on my weight training and cardio. I’ve never attempted to attend a yoga class. There was really never any interest. However, as a New Years resolution, I promised myself I would try something new every month. My girlfriend Jade wanted to ensure I kept this personal commitment to myself, and gifted me a yoga pass for a local yoga studio. Bless her heart. ūüėČ

I’ve always heard yoga is not only good for the heart and soul, but good for the body and muscles. I thought my¬†base foundation weight training and previous running background would¬†prepare me for yoga and make it easy for me to transition into. ¬†Boy was I wrong!

Just 3 weeks ago I tried my very first Ashtanga yoga class and it was a major challenge! That 1 hour class had my heart racing and muscles burning in so much pain/fatigue within the first 20¬†minutes – I don’t know how I continued on to finish the last 30 minutes. Haha!

Silly me, had signed up for two classes that night (thinking I could handle 2 classes) and was worried I wouldn’t be able to¬†even start the second class (another 45mins following the first hour). Thankfully, the second class (Restorative yoga) was more relaxed and¬†less athletic/vigourous. These back to back yoga sessions have taught me a very valuable lesson – never underestimate the power of yoga and what it can do for your core and muscle stability! (note to readers: I now attend a 2hr yoga class once a week!)

logo_lg1On a related note, this past weekend Jade and I headed down to the Toronto Yoga Show, a huge indoor conference featuring yoga instructors from around the world, and plenty of different yoga merchandisers. As we walked through the maze of merchandisers, we landed on a place called “Jade Yoga“, (grabbed our attention as it matched my girlfriends name) which sold¬†yoga products. In speaking with the owner, Steef, he mentioned¬†proceeds from¬†some of his yoga mat sales were donated to¬†breast cancer research. I advised him of my climb for Mt. Kilimanjaro and the fundraising for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation I’ve been involved in. He was so impressed, and encouraging, he¬†donated one of his premium yoga mats to be used at my¬†fundraising raffle!¬†Thank you very much Steef!


While last week didn’t see any gains in the monetary fundraising (I’m still at $3,180), I decided to hold a contest of my own to¬†increase donations. I purchased two $25 Starbucks gift cards. These cards are up for grabs to anyone who makes an online donation by 11:59pm Wednesday April 15. If I receive more than 2 donations, names will be dropped in a hat and pulled at random to win the prize! Ready? Click here to make a donation!

In addition the fundraising aspect, I did receive a few more corporate in-kind donations last week to be used at my fundraising event in May. A special thank you goes out to ¬†The Irish Embassy Pub, P.J. O’Brien, Shopsy’s, and Quinn’s Steakhouse¬†for their continued support in my climb (2 years ago they also made a contribution!)! A new corporate in-kind-donor,¬†Roots Canada, ¬†also made a significant contribution to the fundraising event!

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you all the details of the event…so once they’ve been finalized, I’ll be sure to post¬†the details here!


In addition to the my average daily walks of about 7K, this week I completed the following:

April¬†6 ‚ÄstApril¬†12
Monday: Arms & Core strengthening exercises (1hr)
Tuesday: Shoulder & Leg strengthening exercises (1hr)
Wednesday: Chest & Leg strengthening exercises (1hr)
Thursday: Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga classes (2hrs)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 12K city walk


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