Mt. Kilimanjaro – Week 6 Recap: Nepal, Donation Dollars, Aeroplan


First, before we move into the regular weekly update, I would like to take a moment to comment on the tragic events which took place in Nepal this weekend. A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing more than 2,500 people, leaving thousands without a home, and placing a huge strain on emergency workers trying to care for those injured.

In addition to that, the earthquake caused an avalanche on Mt. Everest trapping over 100 climbers and sherpas trapped during one of the busiest climbing season of the year. Reports confirm the avalanche has made it impossible to climb down from the mountain and helicopter rescue efforts are underway to save as many climbers and sherpas as quickly and safely as possible.

I send my thoughts and prayers to the all of the families affected by this tragic event.

For those who wish to help the victims, please visit or

Thank you,

Regular Weekly Update

How CBCF donations are put to work

Over 24,400 Canadian women, and over 200 Canadian men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone.

A few people have asked how the money they donate is used to help create a future without breast cancer. I thought it might be a good topic for the blog this week, so I’ll outline a few ways your donations are put to work.

First, all donations you make go directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) – so once you make a donation, the funds are deposited directly into CBCF bank account. From there CBCF uses the donations to fund the below initiatives.

– Grant and fellowship programs for breast cancer research
– Education and awareness programs
– Advocacy work for public policies

“CBCF is the largest non-government funder of breast cancer research in Canada.” Thanks to generous donations over the last few years, they have made huge progress in the battle against breast cancer. From breast cancer prevention programs, to early diagnosis, and treatment & care opportunities, I would highly recommend you visit their website and learn more about all of these programs. There is a a lot of great work that is being done out there:


Aeroplan Contest

It is with great pleasure I get to announce we received a very generous donation from Air Canada and their Aeroplan Mile program to help with our fundraising efforts for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 🙂

200px-Aeroplan_logo.svgThey donated 3 certificates, each with 15,000 Aeroplan Miles – enough miles on each certificate to book a free short-haul return flight with Air Canada!!! And guess what? You have a chance to win one of these certificates!

All donations of $50 and over receive 1 ballot into the contest. Every $50 increment gives you another ballot (i.e. $100 donation gives you 2 ballots)! All donations must be received by 11:59pm May 31, 2015 to qualify. Are you ready to show your support and win?  Click here to make a donation now and I wish you the best of luck in the contest!

(Note: All donations received from January 1, 2015 – May 31, 2015 will be entered into the draw, so if you’ve already donated $50+, you are automatically entered!! THANK YOU!!)


Toronto_Maple_Leafs_logo.svg      Old-Spaghetti-Factory     hockley-valley-resort-ontario-logo

This week I would like to thank the Toronto Maple LeafsHockley Valley and The Old Spaghetti Factory for their generous product donations for our fundraising event next month! Please save the date in your calendar – Thursday May 28 – and be sure to visit us at the event! Details will be announced next week!

As of today, I’ve raised $4,020 towards my $5,500 goal. A HUGE thank you to everyone who has made a donation so far! There is still time, and yes, you will be entered into the draw to win 1 of 3 certificates for a free short-haul flight with Air Canada!


In addition to the my average daily walks of about 7K, this week I completed the following:

April 20 – April 26
Monday: Chest & Leg strengthening exercises (1hr)
Tuesday: Back & Arms strengthening exercises (1hr)
Wednesday: Climb Team Meeting (no workout today :()
Thursday: Ashtanga & Restorative Yoga classes (2hrs)
Friday: Shoulders & Leg strengthen exercises (1hr)
Saturday: 6hr hike/walk
Sunday: Rest

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 8.03.24 PM


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