Mt. Kilimanjaro – Week 7 Recap: Fatigue and Relaxation


When you’re going full speed ahead, it’s hard to remember to slow down, stop, and just enjoy what’s around you. The constant go-go-go can take a toll on your mind and body, which in turn can cause bigger issues down the road.  This past week was difficult in the training aspect of things. It was the first time I ‘hit the wall’ and needed to take a break and just ‘relax’.

Thursday mid-afternoon, I remember looking at the clock: 12:52pm. “Great!” I sarcastically thought, “only four more hours before I need to rush out of the office to complete a 2hr yoga session”. As the clock slowly ticked forward, I began to realize I was in no shape to be heading to yoga. My eyelids felt heavy as I tried to get through the work day. “Another coffee should do the trick!” Nope. Not even close. By 4:30pm, my mind was mush, my breathing was shallow, and it was difficult just to walk from desk to the photocopier.  I had to cancel my yoga for the day and get an early nights rest…and reevaluate the next morning.

Friday came too quickly and I hit the snooze button several times only realizing it was time to skip the gym and catch up on my sleep. Best decision I made all week! haha! I’ve realized it’s best to listen to your body and if it needs sleep, give it what it wants! We have 6 months before completing the climb…and I have plenty of time to train and prepare. 🙂

With that said, I’m going to cut this week’s blog short, and go to bed a little early tonight. The extra rest will  prepare my body for this coming weeks training sessions!


If you’re like me and are in constant go-go-go motion all day long, join me in my quest to try and reduce the daily craziness and use some of the following relaxation tips below to help reduce the stress:

1. Breathe Deeply
2. Meditate
3. Slow down and be present in the moment
4. Laugh out loud with friends & family
5. Be grateful and remember the great things in your life reminding yourself what really matters



Jade & Jeff

Jade & Jeff take a break on their Sunday hike









In addition to the my average daily walks of about 7K, this week I completed the following:

April 27 – May 3
Monday: Chest & Leg strengthening exercises (1hr)
Tuesday: Back, Abs, and Arms strengthening exercises (1hr 15mins) + 5K run (30mins)
Wednesday: Shoulders and Ab strengthening exercises (1hr 15mins)
Thursday: Leg & Arm strengthening exercises (1hrs)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 3.5hr hike

Today’s hike was relaxing and not too strenuous. My girlfriend Jade and I took a familiar trail along the DVP and enjoyed a peaceful trek. A mini picnic ensured we stopped to enjoy the scenery and ‘be in the moment’. It was a fun and relaxing day 🙂


As of today, I’ve hit 75% of my fundraising target and have raised $4,130 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you to 55 awesome individuals who have made a contribution and have showed their support!

I’m also extremely proud of my climbing team! We’ve collectively raised over $30,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Current Donations Collected

Help Jeff hit his goal – donate today!



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