Mt. Kilimanjaro – Week 11: Successful Fundraising Event & Back to Training

Successful Fundraising Event

First, I need to say THANK YOU very much to my colleague Colleen Dyer for her fantastic support and leadership skills when managing the huge bake sale we had last week! We could not have had such a successful fundraising event without her assistance. She is the Bake Sale Queen!


Bake & Raffle Sale @ 33 Yonge St.

Last Thursday’s fundraising event included dozens of different types of homemade baked goods including cookies, cupcakes, trifles, cream puffs, muffins, brownies, butter tarts, and even an assortment of fruit! So many generous colleagues from my office baked these delicious items at home and brought them in to help us raise funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation! The event was held in the office lobby which allowed hundreds of people to participate from the building.

Not only did my fellow climber Chris and I bake and sell homemade baked goods, but we also sold pink ribbon bracelets and necklaces, as well as raffle tickets for a chance to win over 25 amazing prizes (valued at over $3,500). For those who couldn’t attend the event, we can still sell the bracelets and necklaces (thanks to my climbing buddy Chris!) and the raffle tickets can be purchased until June 8th @ 3pm. Please send me a message if interested! The raffle draw will take place on Monday June 8th @ 4pm, with winners announced that evening/following day.

image2We raised $2,246 at the event, plus an extra $107 in bracelet sales for a grand total of $2,354!! All of the money we raised will be donated to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Many thanks to everyone who came out to support our fundraising event!

A special thank you to the  local businesses who helped make this fundraiser possible. If it wasn’t for their support, we would not have been able to raised such an amount! So next time you’re thinking of going out for a bite to eat, staying at a hotel or resort, catching a movie, playing some golf or booking your own adventure around the world….please consider the following companies:

image4Note – Because Chris and I hosted this fundraising event together, the funds raised will be divided equally and applied towards both of our fundraising goals (as we both must raise at least $5,500 for the foundation in order to participate in the climb).

Thanks to the very successful fundraiser, I have surpassed my fundraising goal of $5,500!! As of today, I have raised $6,168 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

In 2013 when I completed the climb, I raised $7,474, so this year I want raise at least $7,500. While I will still solicit donations for the foundation, my main focus for the next 4 months will be training to climb Kilimanjaro. Knowing that I have so many people behind me every step of the way will make this journey to the top to much more meaningful. I’m thankful for everyone’s encouragement and support. 🙂



With the big fundraiser behind me now, I can fully devote my time to the training aspect and get things moving again. I am committing to increasing my running and gym time going forward to ensure I am ready for this years climb.

On that note, I should get to bed early tonight as the gym awaits my arrival at 5:30am!

Until next time,


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